Evaluation Data

Evaluation data reveals that Theater Delta's performances and workshops are engaging and impactful. (Photo by Ryan Jones)

In 6 years, we have worked with over 100 Clients and conducted over 375 performances and workshops for over 65,000 audience members. Evaluation data gathered after performances and workshops reveal an extremely positive response from audience members regarding the realism of the scenarios, the interactive format, the post-performance conversations, and the facilitation. In addition, the data indicate that audience members experience significant learning and acknowledge their intention to change their behavior around the issues presented.

  • Over 95% agree that the scenes and the characters are realistic
  • Over 92% agree that interacting with the characters enhances the experience
  • Over 92% agree that the post-performance conversations are thought-provoking and constructive
  • Over 96% agree that the facilitators are effective in their roles
  • Over 82% agree that the performance impacts them with regards to the issues presented
  • Over 83% agree that they leave performances with more information than they came with
  • Over 68% agree that they intend to change their behavior around the issues presented as a result of the performance or workshop
  • Over 91% agree that they would recommend that others attend an Theater Delta Interactive Theatre performance or workshop

For more specific evaluation data, as well as qualitative comments, please Contact Us.