Absolutely! We have a whole host of additional Services, including Workshops, New Script Development, Train the Trainer, Diversity Trainings, and Educational Video Production.

All of our scripts and performances are based on extensive research, including literature reviews, key informant interviews, and observation. We do this to ensure that they are highly realistic, nuanced, and compelling so that they generate an abundance of participation, dialogue, and solutions. For more information go to Script Development.

Absolutely! This is a large part of our work. We have devised scripts for diverse communities including medical professionals, the US Military, colleges and universities, and even World Bank consultants. For more information go to Script Development.

Performances are generally 90 minutes in length but can be adapted to meet the needs of our clients. For the format of a Theater Delta Interactive Theatre performance, go to Performances.

We have performed successfully for as few as 10 and as many as 750 audience members. The ideal number, however, is 30-250, as this number maximizes audience engagement and participation. If you have a large group of people (300+), and if your programming budget allows, we would recommend breaking them up into two groups for back to back performances. We will give you a significant discount on the second performance.

We prefer either a SMALL auditorium space which seats close to the number of audience members OR a multi-purpose space, which we can arrange on our own to maximize conversation and sight lines among audience members. Either is fine.

With advance notice, we can accommodate most date requests. We are especially busy during college orientation, however, so book early for this time.

We offer so many different services and options, we ask that you please contact us to inquire about our fees. We will have you describe your needs and then we will give you options and do our best to work within your budget. We love getting out there, doing the work, and having these important conversations.

Yes! If you contract two or more performances or services in the same trip, we discount the additional performances/services. Just ask us and we will let you know the details.

All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll set up a time to have a phone conversation where we will discuss your needs, potential dates, fees and travel costs.

Yes, just go to contact us, email us, and we will call you right back!

Yes, just contact us, and we’ll give you a list.

Yes! Theater Delta is continually growing and always looking to add to its multicultural ensemble. The pay is competitive. Keep in mind that the acting work is both scripted and improvisational. If you are based in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, and are passionate about performance and social change, please contact us to set up an audition.

Good Question! Delta is the Greek letter that represents change (think back to Math and Science class … the triangle symbol), and the theater originated in Greece back in 534 BC. In short, we do theater for change!

Many other discussions/performances are very general, but this performance led to a very nuanced discussion of communication.

University of Alabama Birmingham graduate student

The Theater Delta experience made it real; this format is significantly better than lecture.

North Dakota State University faculty member

The open conversation allowed for many ideas to be shared and a deeper understanding to develop.

Washington and Jefferson College incoming freshman

The facilitator draws in and wraps up each point – he was very effective in addressing key points and leading the discussion.

Duke University faculty member, BioCoRE Program

Theater Delta did a great job. This should be done on every college campus.

Rush University undergraduate student

This performance was highly engaging and interesting. Very thought-provoking.

North Dakota State University faculty member

Interactive Theater is a very interesting, novel way to teach ethics. These were very relatable issues.

Duke University graduate student, Duke Pratt MEM Program

I appreciated the chance to actually interact with the characters and see how they feel and think.

Washington and Jefferson College undergraduate student

I learned that Interactive Theater is a heck of a good teaching tool.

University of Alabama Birmingham faculty member

This performance provided us with opportunities to share ideas in a non-threatening environment.

University of California-Santa Barbara faculty member

After experiencing this performance, I intend to become an advocate rather than sitting in the shadows.

Columbia College-South Carolina undergraduate student

The acting was amazing. I also loved the instructor. Very engaging.

Rush University undergraduate student

I wish you guys could do this for Congress! We would have a better government. Thank you, Theater Delta, for making me a better person and the world a better place.

Emory University faculty member

Explore how Theater Delta can affect change in your community.

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