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Guest Artist Residencies

Ben Saypol facilitates a conversation with a group of college students who are devising their own Interactive Theater performance for their campus community.

Ben Saypol conducts guest artist residencies with colleges, universities, secondary schools, and community groups. The curriculum is always custom designed to meet the needs and goals of the local community. Past Guest Artist Residencies have ranged from 1.5 days to 2 weeks, but other lengths are possible. The following are two example of residencies:

Devised Theater Process

Saypol leads participants as they devise an interactive theater or community-based theater performance focusing on salient issues in your community. Participants will:

  • Build an Ensemble, establishing a safe space for collaboration and creation
  • Research and process community issues
  • Build consensus as to the format and structure of the performance
  • Write and revise the piece
  • Rehearse the performance, including both the scripted and improvisational portions as each applies.
  • Perform for their community
  • Evaluate both the collaborative process as well as the public performances for impact and learning outcomes


Saypol trains student or professional participants in a set Interactive or Community-based Theater techniques from his vast performance-based toolbox.


In Saypol’s Guest Artist Residencies, the following remain the highest priorities: creation of safe space for exploration, learning, and development; inclusion of all voices in the room; a high quality performance which immediately engages audiences around the issues; facilitating conversations that are based on respect, assuming best intentions, and speaking from one’s own experience; creating a structure for resolving conflicts among participants during the creative process in the event they arise.

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