LAST PERFORMANCES: Theater Delta recently performed at the The 7th International Workshop on Public-Private Dialogue in Frankfurt, Germany in collaboration with the World Bank and GIZ (for more information click here). They also performed at a string of colleges and universities, including the University of Georgia (for more information click here), Coastal Carolina University (for more information click here), and West Virginia University (for more information click here). Theater Delta also performed at the 2nd Annual Neonatal/Pediatric Palliative Care Conference in Wilmington, NC (for more information click here)

CURRENT/FUTURE PERFORMANCES: This spring Theater Delta continues its ongoing work with a variety of US Military installations using Interactive Theater to address Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Domestic Violence in the Military. Theater Delta also will be performing at a medical conference in Delaware (Perinatal Palliative Care), for Murray State University (Eating Disorders), and many others.

Mission Statement

Theater Delta uses Interactive Theater – scripted and improvisational audience participatory theater – to promote dialogue and social change in communities around the globe. We believe that when people participate in creating drama on stage, they are more likely to explore and change personal attitudes and behaviors in their own lives.

Theater Delta was recently featured on NPR (National Public Radio). Click here to listen to the podcast.

What can Theater Delta do for your community?

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