RECENT/PAST PERFORMANCES: Theater Delta recently performed for the Duke University BioCoRE program (Mentoring and Unconscious Bias in the Biological Sciences) and also completed a project with the Institute for Alternative Futures, 100 Million Healthier Lives, and others — funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Using Interactive Theater to address Health Equity and Prosperity in the United States).

CURRENT/FUTURE PERFORMANCES: Theater Delta just completed a tour of first year student and faculty orientation programs (Sexual Assault/Title IX, ISMs/Social Justice, Mentoring and Unconscious Bias, Managing Conficts around Social Identities in the Classroom) in Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and Illinois. Theater Delta will soon be performing at the Rush Medical College (Sexual Assault/Title IX) and for three UC Schools — UCSD, UCSB, and UC Merced (Implicit Bias in Graduate Student Admissions, Implicit Bias in Faculty Hiring, and Mentoring and Unconscious Bias).

Mission Statement

Theater Delta uses Interactive Theater – scripted and improvisational audience participatory theater – to promote dialogue and social change in communities around the globe. Theater Delta operates on a pedagogy that recognizes when people participate in the drama on stage, and subsequently participate in a dialogue where they process the issues, they are more likely to change personal attitudes and behaviors. Theater Delta: Experience Theater.

Theater Delta has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio). Click here to listen to the podcast.

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